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My company manages 100+ rental properties. Clean Fast USA is always my first call for power washing services. Steven is prompt in scheduling and constantly keeps me updated. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to spruce up the exterior of their property!
Charles C.
Winter Park, FL
We had a fantastic experience with Clean Fast. They were on time, thorough, and extremely professional. The technicians even sanitized our children's playground as a complimentary add-on. Our home was very dirty. The cleaning difference after power washing was amazing. Highly recommend.
Jackie P.
Orlando, FL
Cllean Fast USA really helped us on a pressure washing project. They probably should have turned it down considering how last minute it was, but they were eager to help. They cleaned several trash dumpster areas that needed cleaning. The smell I though would never go away is now gone. Clearly communicated expectations. A true professional. Thanks again.
Dean S.
Windermere, FL

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Protect Your Roof - Protect Your Home

Roof replacement is one of the most expensive services and one that can be easily avoided with proper maintenance. Professional roof washing isn’t just an aesthetic service, but it also serves to extend the life of your roof’s surfaces, preventing damages caused by harmful elements.

Check with your roofing or insurance company, but in some cases, your roof warranty might be void without proper maintenance. When we say protect your roof, it means killing all the organic growth that spends every day bonding to and penetrating your shingles.

Organic growth such as moss, algae, mold, algae, and bacteria can infest your roofs shingles which can cause it to deteriorate and shorten its life. One of the most common reasons for professional roof washing service are mysterious black stains that are very difficult to remove.

This is caused by a type of bacteria called “Gloeocapsa Magma” which loves to grow in warm and humid climates that Florida provides so it is a common roof problem in the region. This type of bacteria isn’t just an eyesore, but also feeds on the limestone in your roof shingles which means that it weakens the shingles that can lead to other types of structural damages. This can be easily prevented with regular roof washing maintenance.

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Safely Clean Your Roof
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Regular professional roof washing not only serves to remove all build up of stains, dirt, grime, and surface contaminants, but also serves to protect and even extend the life of your roof shingles, which will help you avoid structural damages and wasting money on expensive repairs.
The traditional high-pressure washing method can damage your fragile surfaces such as paint, sidings, roof shingles, and windows. That’s why it is important to first determine the age, condition and quality of your home’s exterior surfaces before starting the roof washing process.
The soft washing method is a safer alternative. By using a low-pressure washing method and powerful detergent-based cleaning agents that penetrates your roof’s exterior surfaces which will effectively remove all build ups of stain, dirt, grime, and other surface contaminants, leaving behind a deep and gentle clean, without the risk of damaging your home’s paint, sidings, roof shingles, and windows.

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Benefits of Roof Washing

Regular professional roof washing is an investment on the overall well-being of your home. High-pressure washing can damage your home’s fragile roof shingles, whether you have asphalt, slate, or tile shingles, that’s why the Clean Fast USA roof washing service exclusively uses a soft washing method which is the safer and more effective alternative. The benefits include:

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