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Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Pressure Washing Company

Pressure washing of concrete surfaces

It is a regrettable part of doing business that not all who are ready to take your money are as ready to provide service or product excellence worthy of your money or your time. Protecting yourself against those less-than-professional companies or individuals is of course, always recommended. But when it comes to something as seemingly-innocuous as pressure washing companies – how does one ensure that they are receiving the level of quality that they deserve. Make sure that you avoid the following mistakes when hiring a power washing company in Orlando or Tampa for a happy and productive working relationship:

  • Hiring a company without prior research – Anyone can claim to be licensed, insured or bonded. Ask for the records that prove that they can be relied upon to do business in your state and check their qualifications. Make sure that their license is in good standing with the state boards, that their insurance covers them while working on your property and covers any damage that they may cause while on the premises also. Unlicensed contractors of all types rely on the fact that 70% of all potential customers fail to research the company they choose. Make them prove that they are covered in every way.
  • Not asking for or checking referrals – Any reputable company is not only okay with giving out testimonials and referrals, but are often thrilled to show them off. If your contractor hesitates to give you a list of satisfied clients that you can easily and readily contact, move on. There is obviously something that they are trying to hide.
  • Choosing a pressure washing service based on price alone – We understand that with the variety of costs and expenses a business incurs that it is natural to look to save money where ever you can. However, though the price should be considered when choosing a contractor, other factors regarding just what that cost gets you in terms of square footage, service and size of crew are equally important. Remember, you get what you pay for.
  • Not understanding what materials and products they use – A contractor that uses consumer-grade products and equipment is not likely to be able to deliver the industrial-strength cleaning you and your business facility needs. An experienced power washing company knows that not all building materials are the same, nor are the stains upon them. If a contractor doesn’t ask you specific questions about your building and surrounding areas, keep looking.
  • We consider ourselves to be a dynamic pressure washing company – what exactly does this mean? Well, we recognize that our customer’s businesses are part of an ever-changing, fast paced commercial real estate environment… we adapt, change and mold our pressure cleaning service offering to suit exactly what they need.