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Why Pressure Washing May Not Be A DIY Project

Concrete cleaning of commercial property sidewalk

Some businesses out there, thinking of the bottom line, might recognize the value of pressure washing, but may be reluctant to hire a pressure washing service. “We love the idea of a clean exterior; curb appeal and all that, but can’t we do this ourselves? Look, you can get pressure washers from the local hardware store even.” Well, yes, you can, but the question is, do you really want to? In our mind, this is something you should leave to the professionals, and here’s why.

1. They are professionals. So the DIYer has a brand new pressure washer, and is ready to get to cleaning. Do they know the correct types of cleaning agent to use to safely clean the various types of dirt, stains and blemishes on the exterior of the building? How about the correct amount of pressure? Do they have the resources to complete the job in a timely, efficient manner to minimize disruption to building occupants? Do they have the correct equipment and use the correct methods for chewing gum removal?

Of course, a professional pressure washing service knows the answer to all these questions, because they are (… wait for it) professionals. They do this for a living, so they’ve faced all these questions and already know the answers. The business owner will get clean buildings and sidewalks every time with little disruption to business operation and daily business.

2. They are professionals. The pressure cleaning equipment a business can get for themselves might be the best right out of the box, but it won’t be the latest and greatest for very long. Nor will it have all the proper attachments and tools to make sure that every crevice is clean.

On the other hand, the professionals do have the latest equipment, because it’s their business to be on the cutting edge of pressure cleaning. Pressure cleaning isn’t an added expense for them; it’s their main expense and so they are going to be on top of it.

Furthermore, the professional pressure washing service provider has an understanding of how different cleaning agents will bring about a cleaner surface, and how to use them to prevent damage. Water alone at various pressures and temperatures can be a great cleaner, but often, by using the correct cleaning agents the customer sees better results.

3. They are professionals. One of the main ideas behind DIYing is the idea that doing so is cheaper. In some cases it certainly can be, but for a business, consider that the time being taken by a worker to do the pressure cleaning (and learning how to do it, and redoing it as they missed a spot before, and redoing it again as they learn the proper methods) is time taken away from other tasks. In other words, while they’re doing the job of a pressure washer, the rest of their job is being left undone. Time is money, and the extra time they’re taking on this other task is money out of a company’s pocket.

On the other hand, hiring a pressure washing service company not only means that the clean will get done right the first time (and faster than the non-professional), it’ll be done by someone whose job it is to do it. No taking away valuable time from another worker, because a professional is on the job. Whether it is pressure washing a loading dock area, sidewalks, retaining walls or a shopping center, the professional pressure washing company is likely to give you better value and better results.

Not to mention, there are risks associated with operating a pressure washer. An untrained employee is at greater risk of causing damage to the property, or worse, themselves. A professional pressure washing company will have a strict training program for their employees and will carry the correct insurance to safeguard property, property users and the pressure washing technician.

Sure, we may be biased, but really, when it comes to something as valuable as the exterior of your business and the clean and healthy image you want to present, we think there is just one answer. Plus, hiring a professional can be pretty easy; all you have to do is contact us.